As we move forward in learning how to call in and create the life that we dream of, it's a vital element of the process to unpack our bags and let go of what is holding us back. Healing the Ugly Stuff is just that, healing the things we deem ugly... You know, the stuff you wouldn't dare show anyone else- but at the same time don't know how to heal it on your own.

We're leaning into this topic by breaking it down into four Weekly Themes.

  • Triggers
  • Resentments
  • Inner Child Work
  • Your Karmic Path

Our triggers are activated by what's outside of us. Our resentments are piled up crowding what's within. Healing our Inner Child leads us to going back in time, while our Karmic Path teaches us to span way out and look at our lifetime from a Spiritual lens far above.

When we begin to heal from all of these angles, to understand them and learn about them- we get the knowledge we need... And what we've learned thus far is knowledge equals power. And power over these things that you've deemed ugly grants you freedom.

While putting together this month's plan, I was brought to tears and completely inspired by the work I found to create change. I can't wait to share daily techniques and knowledge, the interviews with thought leaders (these are epic this month), and be right along side you in this community.

This month, we heal. For a lot of reasons, but most importantly- because we deserve to.

Welcome to the theme of Healing the Ugly Stuff.