The word connection is defined as follows:

 A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.


There is you, and then there are there are the things, places, and people in your life.

It is who we are in relationship to them-and to ourselves- that ultimately rules our experience, allows us to feel connected or disconnected, and furthermore dominos out far past what we can visibly see.


So where does it all start?

A lot of this we have total control in and can take the lead in changing it around once we gain awareness, but some of it operates in our subconscious mind, you'll see this in patterns repeating themselves, even so grand as to call in eerily similar situations one after one- and no matter if we paint the loveliest picture imaginable for where we want to go, if the icky stuff that's underneath is left unlooked at? Well, it's a blockage... and it's gonna run the show.

We always begin with where we want to go, but the rest of this month will be filled with exploration and sniffing out what isn't welcome anymore.


Always remember, you have a choice in your experience. We'll be creating the space between your thoughts and your actions to gain that awareness and choose something new, decide you want to stay with the same, or just alter it slightly to feel better for you.

The point is? You'll have the choice. Let's shift the way we feel connected to our lives, to actually feeling overwhelming connection to as much of it as we can. If you are living what you truly feel is your path, no matter the obstacle or success, you will feel connected to diving into it fully and fearlessly... Because it's yours.