Welcome to the stage.... A whole month of Self Love


Over the past few months, the idea of raising our vibration has come up over and over again. Lifting our energy so we can be full of life, and call in what we really want.

I believe that it starts with us. And there's no better topic for the month of February than love... Self Love that is.

I'm not talking about the bubble bath and facial kind of Sunday evening (although I will most definitely be talking about that as well), I'm talking about honoring yourself and creating a vision, knowing your edges and not only respecting them- but caring for them. I'm talking about seeing your Shadow, and loving it just as much as you would your light. I'm talking about loving yourself as a Whole.

How do we do it?

Furthermore, how do we sustain it?

Well, this month we're going to not only explore those questions- we're going to find those answers. The goal here is that you not only feel absolutely loved, but everyone around you sees how you shine. You are going to give off all those vibrations we're raising up to anyone that crosses your path.

We've all seen those people.

Are you ready to become one?