Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Mats Membership.

A monthly membership designed teach you how to create the life you want, spiritually, scientifically, and everything in between.


We know there's a lot of options out there in the Self Help world.

Here's how ours is different: Each month we focus on a different topic.


The Focus


It takes 21 days of habitual focus to change the patterns you've had in place for years. Whether you're in deep need of change, or like what's already going on- the 30 day program is designed for you to have choice in your life. What stays, what goes, and what feels just right.

Each day as you log in, you get a new tool- this is the basis of the site. A tool, technique or piece of knowledge that will keep your mind moving forward. And when your mind moves forward, your energy does too.  

In an already busy life, and this way we build easily, effortlessly, and to have lasting results... of our choice.


In this membership, you get a whole lot more than the 30 day process. Every class, interview, and workshop is dedicated toward the theme of the month to feed your mind, body and Soul. Not to mention you're in community with a whole lot of people that you'll now have in your corner as you grow.


It's big life, and you deserve to have anything you choose.



A note from our founder Jacqueline


To who found this message, first and foremost, welcome.


I have built my career doing various things. Teaching, writing, coaching, traveling- but the idea from this site was born from a lovely Soul who ventured around the world to one of my retreats.


She told me, 'I love doing all of this stuff, but where I live it isn't available. If I talk to anyone about yoga or meditation or self help they look at me like I have 7 heads.'


This sentence stuck with me, because... it's a big deal. In this life, I spent a lot of my years trying to figure out who I was, and how to get where I wanted to go. It wasn't until I invested in a coach that I saw change. It took me having a hand to hold, guidance to keep the focus, and accountability to something other than myself. Because on my own, I was just calling the same experiences in- over and over and over.


You deserve to have a platform that gives back, and holds space for you to transform- no matter where you live in the world. You deserve a space that urges you to grow, gives you the tools that you need to not only shift your thoughts, but to dream bigger and get the results. The results are what this site is all about.


Join me as I guide you through our monthly process, implementing yoga classes, meditation videos, and interviews with experts in the field of focus. Every week, you get a new set. We do book clubs, we have online chat rooms, we hold moon circles, and a lot more that I like to keep private for members eyes only.


And it's funny, I think back to that day of my retreat, and I realize now... Well, I actually just made a place where everything that you get from a retreat is offered in one place and available to you anytime you log into your computer.


I believe we find places like this when we need them most.

So if it speaks to you, listen.


I hope to meet you on this journey,